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Wire Products

Vinyl Box Traps

Vinyl Box Traps

Our box traps are made here in our facility using only the best U.S. manufactured wire. Our standard box trap measures 10.5 X 7.5 inches on the sides and 10.5 X 10.5 inches on the bottom. Each trap comes standard with our custom stainless steel bait spring. Available only rigged.


We use #5 line for doors, 12 to 14 feet of #6 line for pull line, and a 1 X 5 marine cell float. All connections are made using stainless steel hogrings for durability. Our standard float is a marine-grade 1 X 5 inch float. Longer pull lines or larger floats are available upon request at an additional charge.

Vinyl Jumbo Topless Traps and Vinyl Jumbo Box Traps

Vinyl Jumbo Crab TrapsThese are the largest recreational traps allowed by law in the state of Maryland, measuring 15 x 20 inches. Both topless and box trap version are made by us using only the finest quality U.S. wire, and come standard with 5 of our custom stainless steel bait springs. These come rigged only!

We use #5 line for doors, 12 to 14 feet of #6 line for pull line, and a LARGE Can Float.  All connections are made using stainless steel hogrings for durability.  Longer pull lines or larger floats are available upon request.

Vinyl Full Size Crab Pots

Vinyl Full Size Crab PotsPerfect for hanging on your pier or bulkhead or crabbing open water – FOUR THROATS, Vinyl Coated Wire for long wear – Hinged Door to Retrieve Catch, Bait Box, S/S Rings, Cull Rings – VERY POPULAR with Waterfront Homeowners and Commercial Crabbers – (Does not include line, floats, anodes) Compare our prices to most sporting goods and marine stores - we believe our crab pots are better made and from what we have seen they will cost you less. Make no mistake these are quality built pots.
*Many states require crab pots to have turtle excluders installed in each funnel. Additionally, some states have requirements for biodegradable escape mechanisms. When ordering, please specify the state in which these pots will be used in order to assure compliance with local legal requirements.

Vinyl Half Size Crab Pots

Vinyl Half Size Crab Pots1/2 pot is 1/2 the height of a full size crab pot and has no upper chamber. Waterfront owners who are subject to dramatic tides asked for these so they are ALWAYS in the water catching crabs . These half-size pots are made from the same quality vinyl coated wire as our full size commercial crab pots. They are also available in double dip galvanized non-vinyl coated wire.

* Not all state laws and regulations allow the use of half size pots by non-commercially licensed crabbers. Please check your local laws and regulations before purchasing.

Vinyl Live Boxes

Vinyl Live Crab BoxesOur live boxes are made in our shop using only the best U.S. made wire. Each box has an over-sized dump opening, making it easy to put crabs into or take crabs out of the live box. Each box has a bait container to allow bait to be introduced to live crabs, discouraging crabs from eating each other until harvested. We use PVC floatation piping in each of our live boxes to ensure good floatation. These boxes are available in 2 standard lengths: 2 feet and 3 feet. Each box is 11.5 inches deep and 2 feet wide.

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