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Crabbing baskets

Wooden bushel baskets with lids

Harford Crabbing and Tackle - Bushel Baskets

Distributor of C.R. Henry Wooden Baskets

Orange Plastic Ropak Baskets

Harford Crabbing and Tackle - Ropak BasketsDistributor of Ropak orange plastic baskets

polymer lids for orange ropak baskets

Harford Crabbing and Tackle - Polymer LidsWe are the EXCLUSIVE distributor for this product.

galvanized basket toppers

Harford Crabbing and Tackle - Basket ToppersForget that rotten basket with the bottom punched out trying to keep crabs in your basket as it fills. These toppers, made from galvanized steel, allow every crab permitted by law to fit in a bushel basket without having crabs crawling around a crowded deck and, unlike a bottomless basket, they will provide years of service if properly cared for. No crabber should leave the dock without one or two of these aboard. These Toppers were designed and are distributed by us at the request of our customers.

Blue Crabs - Crabbing Supplies at Harford Crabbing & Tackle

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Harford Crabbing & Tackle is a family owned business serving crabbers and fisherman in Harford County.

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